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Thread: Safe area to take kids fishing in the marsh

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    Any reports from PAC? Thinking about taking Little_O there Sunday.
    Castin Cajun has a video up about fishing there. They went east of the PAC marina. Heat and water is the issue with PAC but they were haulin in some nice reds.

    I haven't been there personally in awhile.

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    the only problem with hwy one is the amount of traffic, especially big trucks, that fly down the road. you'll have to be extra careful with kids when launching off the side of the road.
    the upside is that there are very few power boats on the west side.
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    Magnolia is off Hwy 23, below Belle Chase and just north of Port Sulphur.
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    To get to Magnolia head down highway 23. You will pull over the levee at mile marker 36, but actually the marker is gone. So look for mile marker 37. As you drive that last mile on the left you will see a street, I believe David Drive. At any rate right after you pass that you will see a gravel drive on the right that goes over the levee. There is also a grove of trees that you can see on the other side of the levee. When you pull over the levee be careful because there are usually other kayakers and some boats there. There is a primative launch there that smaller boats can use, but no worries as the boaters have always been courteous to yakkers. At least they have been to me.



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