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Thread: Safe area to take kids fishing in the marsh

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    Safe area to take kids fishing in the marsh

    We have taken my ultimate in a couple of places for fresh water but have not taken her out in the marsh for specs and reds yet. I am going to take two of my kids out this weekend. Any suggestions on safe places to fish with kids? Hoping to avoid lots of boats and paddle around with the kids possibly catch a few fish. Any thoughts? I live in baton rouge. Willing to go up to two hours away.

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    Memorial Day weekend, year in and year out, is not the safest weekend for boating. Kayaking near drunks whose boats only seem to operate at either idle or wide-open is usually a bad idea.
    This weekend is seriously not the time to be on the water.
    I hate to be the one breaking the news as I'm sure you'd like to paddle the young ones around.

    Stay dry, stay off the water, then see about a trip next weekend.
    Hope that helps
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    You could always check out a fishing pier. There is one in Grand Isle and a new one in Slidell.
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    PAC WMA is a good place. The 25hp limit on outboards will limit the drunk bay boat owner.

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    Magnolia, below Belle Chase off Hwy 23, might be a good spot. Very little boat traffic, plenty of fishable marsh within yards of the launch. I haven't fished out of there in awhile, but I used to bring my daughter out there frequently. Market shrimp or gulp under a cork against the shorelines often produced fish for her (mostly throwback rats and puppy drum, but kids don't care).

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    I've never seen many boats fishing right off Hwy 1 on the way to Grand Isle... maybe try around there and the surrounding marsh close to the Hwy?
    I'm thinking of doing that Sunday and as backup try the PAC WMA. Never been there, but the boat restrictions would definitely be a help.

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    Point aux chein

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    +1 on Magnolia, or basically anywhere that is far away from a good backdown launch. Just stick to the skinny water where the outboards can't run. Cane Bayou on the N shore of the lake might be nice too.
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    Any reports from PAC? Thinking about taking Little_O there Sunday.
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    Where is magnolia? When y'all go out of hwy 1 do u just randomly pull over an put into the water?



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