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I would like a box and a bag if possible. I live a couple of miles from Mark's.
If you would like i can meet up and give you some of the bags, but if you were to go to Mark's new store ( The Aquarium Store ) and ask Mark or Chris for a styro box, they give them away. That's if you wanted a cooler a sooner than having to wait on me. They use them to carry coral decorations / rock / big fish but will give them to customers if they request. Some boxes may be beat up and a tad smaller than the ones i offer but they are still good quality. Any " fish store" should not have a problem giving them away, they just wont receive the same mylar bags as i do. PetSmart is iffy about giving away ANYTHING trash or not, big companies = big rules. BUT you can always check the dumpster behind PetSmart on thursday, or PetCo i believe on Wednesday, dumpster diving is always interesting.