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Thread: All Cabelas three forks fly rods $29.99

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    They are worth more than the regular $49 price. I've been needing to replace my 7'6" 3wt TF that I broke. Just did. Thanks for the heads up.
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    That's definitely a great price for that rod. Anyone thinking about picking up fly fishing for reds should jump on a 4pc 9' 8wt rod. As said before, they were a good price at $59.99, $29.99 is a steal.

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    Thanks for the heads up! I spoke to MusicDoc this afternoon about an inexpensive 8-weight rod (he's been using a broomstick model I gave him). He'll be glad to hear this!

    Also my nephew wanted a fly rod for Christmas. Can't beat the 8-foot 5-wt for a youth rod.

    Noahvale, did you pick yours up at the Gonzales store? Or order online?

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    Noahvale, did you pick yours up at the Gonzales store? Or order online?
    fwiw, I ordered online and shipped to the store. That way I'm safe to get it and don't have to pay for shipping. Also can go look in the bargain cave for new line.

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    Cabelas Classic II are on sale too........ 50ish. Much faster rod than the 3 Forks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catch View Post
    Noahvale, did you pick yours up at the Gonzales store? Or order online?
    Online. If I went to the store, no telling what all I would return with..
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    Reading this post, I just remembered I have a fly rod/reel somewhere in my garage. Now that I have found it and dusted it off, I need some help with what I actually have. I recevied it as a gift about 12 years ago and it's never been used. This is what I have: Reel is a Martin Classic MC45 model and the Rod is a St. Croix L8045 line weight 4/5, two piece. Is this set any good and could it be used for those little fishes we chase in the marsh?

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    The rod sounds like its geared more for bream/bass. You certainly could throw smaller flies to redfish on calm days with this setup, but your 2 piece might end up a 3 piece. Get a 7, 8, or 9wt rod for the marsh. I have a 6wt TFO that I use for the smaller reds that I catch in Mississipi. When redfish are pushing away, sometimes I wish an 8wt in hand for hauling the fly a few extra feet through wind. Learn how to cast the 4/5 first, and see if you like flyfishing before buying an 8wt.

    new 6wt...good little rod. Will probably use it for bass too

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    I've been wanting to try fly fishing for years and Fishtaco's recent video posting of fly-fishing for reds from the new coosa have just added to that desire.
    Then I saw this posting wed. night so when I delivered a holster to Yak-a-Lou in Gonzales yesterday, the money was immediately burning a hole in my pocket.
    To top it off, I had an hour to kill before picking my wife up at the airport. Cabela's seemed the only logical place to hang out, especially since I'm never up that way.
    The only reasonable conclusion I could draw from all these individual circumstances was that Fate was telling me it was time to invest in my first fly fishing rig.
    What choice did I have?
    I picked up the 9' 4pc 8wt three forks and went with the Pflueger 1900 9/10 wt reel. They didn't have anyone on staff at the time who fly-fished so I guessed at the reel and didn't even bother trying to pick up line or flys.
    I picked up "The Orvis guide to fly-fishing a couple years back and will be rereading it but if I'm targeting reds what do you guys suggest I use for backing/line/tippet and flys?
    Any shop recoommendations?
    I'm in Slidell but work in the city. All insight/feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated.



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