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Thread: Fat Tuesday

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    Fat Tuesday

    Hey y'all, I know this is last minute but if anybody would rather catch fish than beads tomorrow I'm up for it. Went to hopedale today and only ended up with one keeper trout so I figured I'd try my luck again tomorrow since I'm off. Open to pretty much anywhere, as long as it's salt/brackish.

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    Also if anyone has suggestions where I should go, I'd appreciate it as winter fishing isn't exactly my niche

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    Did you try the lagoon or by the marina? There should be some trout around where Lake Ameda and the lagoon come together. Try trolling a rod or two with a light 1/8 or 1/16 oz jig. If you are pedaling, you can cast your favorite trout lure as you troll.
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    036160BA-3F2E-4D95-A818-2BED048E6DBA.jpgGreen matrix shad on 1/4 nig head tightlined on the “T”s and weedless gold spoon or electric chicken on the “R”. Also toss the gold spoon on the way to “R”. It’s usually about 1.5-2ft deep over grass.

    I’m sure there’s plenty of other places, but these are the spots I’ve had the most luck this winter down at Hopedale Marina.

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    Thanks for the info. I fished the "T's" and that general area, I was throwing a green cocahoe under cork and a gold spoon. I didn't make it across the pond to the "R" but spent most of my time in the main canal across from Hopedale Marina.

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    I've never actually fished the lagoon but I'll definitely try that next time I head out.

    Unfortunately the weatherman is predicting thunderstorms out of nowhere so I'll have to check that again in the morning before heading out.

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    Fish or Parade? Almost any are able to parade. Few can actually fish. The easy road or hard, always the choice.

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    Can't wait 'till next trip!
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