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    Thinking PAC

    Iím heading to the coast first weekend in May. Iíve been enjoying this coastal fishing forum for a while now. It seems PAC would be a great place for someone new to coastal fishing. Any other suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
    Iíd like to do some red and trout fishing. My gear is mostly for large mouth bass and some light gear for crappie fishing. I fish out of an ascend fs12t.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    PAC is very nice and Eddie has a first class operation. Good fishing is also to be had in Leeville with a decent seafood restaurant across the street from Boudreaux's Waterfront Motel.

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    Thanks PJS Iíll have to check that out.

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    Agreed, go to PAC and talk to Eddie - PAC kayak rentals. Very nice guy and he'll point you in the right direction for the redfish or whatever you are looking for.

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    The trout fishing will be hot closer to the coast in May. Might want to look at Leeville to Fourchon to Grand Isle. Just my opinion.



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