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Thread: want to try out a baitcaster setup. Recomendations

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    I imagine it would be my blind casing cover the most water as you can set up. Spoons/spinners/crankbaits/jerkbaits Is saving 100 dollars more for a "nicer" reel worth it in the long run? Have people experienced many problems with their sub 100 dollar reels crapping out in a season or two?

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    The only sub $100 baitcaster I have any experience with is an H2O express Mettle that's about 6 years old. It's held up to harsh elements (mostly salt/brackish) with no rinsing or cleaning whatsoever. Really surprised how well this cheap little plastic reel has held up. Not sure if the ones they carry now are the same but it might be an option.

    Now my go to reel is not much more than $100. The original Daiwa Tatula that I picked up about 4-5 years ago. Not the Steez, SV, Type R, none of that. Just the regular Tatula and it was $140 at the time. Definitely my favorite reel
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    For that, I'd get a 6'9" or 7' rod. I like medium weight with a fast or very fast tip. Some like slower action, but what a fast tip loses in casting distance I think I benefit from in sensitivity. ESPECIALLY if you are thinking about doing any deeper water tight lined jigging with it. I have a couple of Shimano Crucial's. 6'6" for jigging and 7' for spinners/spoons/etc which I really like. I think they are in the in 100.00-150.00 range, but I could be wrong.

    If it were me, I'd buy the inexpensive reel to start. If you really like using a bait caster, you can always upgrade the reel later. I have some cheaper reels and don't regularly have issues with them...I bought 3 abu garcia black a few years back. They were on sale for 39.99 or close to that, and they have lasted fine so far. Keep in mind the gear ratio.

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    what is the "do it all" gear ratio to look for

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    I like using something around 7:1, your opinion may vary. I found with a 6:1 with topwaters especially I’d have to pause my retrieve to reel in a little slack.
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