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Thread: Lake Maurepas

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    Lake Maurepas

    Anyone Kayak for bass there? Details? how was your luck, any big bass there? Thankx

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    There are plenty of tight eyes south of the public launch in Manchac. I haven't been out there for several years but used to catch plenty of specks, reds, and big blue cats on speck jigs in the lake about 1/2 mile west of I-55 on the north shore. Found a spot 200 yds from the north bank in the main channel that had a giant sinker cypress tree in about 8' of water that was positioned perpendicular to the channel. It had mud piled up on the west side of it and dropped off a few feet on the east side. With an outgoing flow, the fish would hang in the drop off looking for my stingray grub as it fell off of the log.

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    You have side scan or down imaging? I'm kinda surprised the specks and Reds are that far North in that much fresh water.

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    Prior to the closure of the MRGO, Lake P got real salty in the summer and fall, such that the salt water would flow into Lake M bring trout and reds with it. However, since the MRGO was closed, Lake P does not get as salty. Not sure if the trout and reds still gang up in Lake M.



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