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Thread: Sun Glare

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    Sun Glare

    Do yall use polarizer lens on the GoPro to help keep the glare down when videoing? If so, does a certain one seem to work better?
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    I bought a kit off amazon that came with 3 filters. It was a cheap kit (around $20). I've used it about 4 times. Verdict is still out since I really can't tell if it makes a difference. I did notice that with my kit when I film in super wide the corners of the footage cut get off due to the adapter that the filters are on. It doesn't do that in medium view. Might just be because the kit I bought was pretty cheap compared to the other ones.

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    This is what I have. It works pretty well, have to be careful if any moisture gets in it, because it will fog up. Just like polarized glasses, it helps you see past the reflection on the water surface.



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