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Thread: Falling Tide 2

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    Falling Tide 2

    So, my second year at falling tide. Rolled down 23 early Friday and launched on Tidewater just after sunup. Knew it was going to be windy and considered launching elsewhere but had luck there before. Caught a few trout on Chartreuse Matrix shad under a cork and bite died around 9. Moved West until I came to a pass about 200 yards wide and turned around when I saw 1 1/2 - 2 foot rollers with white caps, I'm good. Turned around and headed NE almost into the wind, but slightly protected. Ran into a member who had launched 3 times looking for fish, he headed to the pass. Paddled about a 1/4 mile further north than my launch site and started drifting back toward my launch. Ran into 2 more members who watched me bag a 20" red. Not a winner. They passed me and started drifting, I was right behind. Watched one catch a 38" bull. Not a winner. I rolled over to Cypress Cove, cleaned fish and hung out. Hooked up with Coolhand from Lafayette club and we split a room. Had some cold beers and camaraderie. Pastalaya was great and everyone was super friendly. After captains meeting, I showered and crashed pretty quick.
    Woke at 4 and coffeed up. Headed towards Tidewater Road. Trucks with trailers parked all the way to Tidewater on both sides of road. Paddled away at 5, couldn't find my hook file in the dark. 20 minutes away from the launch I realize no sunglasses. Great.
    I start off at a cut with a point next to it alternating a Lemonhead on cork and jighead. Nothing. Started drifting slow picking up a couple rat reds.
    I drop anchor upcurrent from a reef and catch a couple trout, 9am. They stop. I start switching baits, numbers 3 is blue moonish and catch a few more. Biggest is about 17 inches, pound and a half or bigger. Two couples are fishing around me. One includes a pair of nice tanned legs pedaling a pink native. The visual highlight of my day. I need other species so drift towards the Wheel. I catch more trout drifting, including the largest of the day who tailwalks in 1 foot chop directly towards me. Now I got something to weigh.
    The water is ugly in the wheel but I've caught reds in these conditions there. Not today. I paddle back towards the launch and decide to take a break before paddling 1 1/2 upwind into 15 plus. I park, eat a pork chop and drink a water. A member I know peddles up an we compare notes. He has bigger trout than me but nothing else either. He tells me a board member called him and had a slam by 9 and was gonna win. Pipe dream of being carried around in a PA14. It's noon. We head our separate ways and I paddle through waves breaking in the boat for half an hour. I re anchor on my reef and catch a red on the first cast. Now I have 2 fish to weigh , but no winners. It's 2.
    I cast at every point, cut and feature for the next hour and a half. No more fish. Out of the water at 3, weigh in at 3:30.
    I improved my trout by ,11 pounds last year at 1.97 pounds, but had a pitiful 4 pound red and no flounder. I clean my trout, 13, and fried fish is on. As usual, the meal is awesome. I miss trout by 1/2 a pound, so again, no check or trophy. Oh well. I invested $30 in raffle tickets. Prizes fly by me and I'm disappointed. They get to the 2 biggest prizes and I win. Not quite a break even but close. It's over. I shower and dissolve with no alarm as the wind forecast for Sunday is worse than the last 2.
    I wake at sunrise, coffee up and roll. I'm a little disappointed I didn't win a new kayak or a fat check. I was able, however, two fish two of three days and hang out with a bunch of people who love doing the same thing as I do. Can't wait till next trip.

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    Can't wait 'till next trip!
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    "Two couples are fishing around me. One includes a pair of nice. tanned legs pedaling a pink native."

    She does have nice legs!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bain View Post
    "Two couples are fishing around me. One includes a pair of nice. tanned legs pedaling a pink native."

    She does have nice legs!!!!!
    I was sitting at the table when he came up and told her she has nice tanned legs. .........Watch out Jason.
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    It's not often you see such a pleasant sight while fishing. She put the good gree gree on my raffle tickets!

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    Can't wait 'till next trip!
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    At least you caught a nice batch of trout and a decent eatin red! Thanks the report Jack!
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    Excellent report! I fished the western side of the wagon wheel. Caught lots of redfish. But they had no size to them. Enjoyed my weekend in Venice!
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    Nice report. I had similar results. No flounder. Food, beer, and company were great.

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