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Thread: Kayak Camping in the marsh

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    Kayak Camping in the marsh

    I'm looking for a good place to paddle out and camp, somewhere out in the wetlands, Ponte au Chene, hopedale, I don't care much where as long as it's safe and dry and I can legally camp. Any ideas?
    NOLA Yakers
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    I dont know about safe and dry, but you can camp anywhere you please, as long as its not a duckblind between Nov 11 and late Dec. Shoot for areas with sand, barrier islands etc grand isle, grand terre etc.

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    There is a spot just before you get to the PAC launch on the right. It looks like a camping area, does anyone know anything about the spot. Is it a free camp site, do you have to pay someone? I keep meaning to stop on the way out to check it out but I always pass it up before I realize.
    NOLA Yakers
    Native Slayer 14.5



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