Jackfest 2017 was a huge success on bringing other like minded people together in the kayak community. We must of had 30 to 35 people show up. The morning offered us some tough conditions with the wind blowing 15 to 20 so we had to change the launch location from Triple Beach to Tykes on the northshore where Miss Pontchartrain was more manageable.I beleave everyone was in the water by 7:00am to start the day casting for the pitbulls of the sea. At the end of the day everyone was out of the water by 11:00 loading there yaks up to head home or to the LSU game. There were only 3 Jacks caught a few blow ups and other's seen. Jeffery Oliver Landed 2 of the jacks that were caught. Which won him the participation award. (an At A Boy) Edward Hornsby caught the other jack. Both were caught on topwaters plugs. Seeing a jack explode on a topwater is something that should be on you bucket list if you have never witnessed it. And landing one out of a kayak is a whole other story. And yes there will be a Jackfest 2018. Sense Myself and Mathew Roberts were skunked the money that was raised was split in half. Half going to the EOD Warrior Fund and the other half going to the RFRI. There are plans for another Get Together in works as we speak and as usual all will be welcome to attend. But this time it will be a different species. Ya'll will just have to wait and see what it is. See Ya On The Water Eric

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