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Thread: Newbie questions and greetings to all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody G View Post
    I will be there... looking forward to it
    I want to bring something to the table as well. Would be glad to share some solid fishing spots as well..

    Come find me, I'll be glad to let you share all of your best fishing spots with me! Lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BayouBound View Post
    Come find me, I'll be glad to let you share all of your best fishing spots with me! Lol!
    It's amazing how on tournament day there's always 3 or 4 boats around your "secret" spot

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    Ha for sure. Its all good as long as they don't have an outboard motor !!!

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    I tried an internal transducer. Wasn't satisfied with the interference and, I wanted the water temperature to be right. So, I built something that extended the transducer from the side of the kayak into the water. Depending on your boat you may be able to buy something that is designed to do this. For my old adventure island, I used a pipe hanger (around my outrigger bars with leftover bike tire tube wrapped under it for a tight fit) and some channel bars and bolts sprayed with that flex seal stuff to keep the corrosion down. The transducer slides onto the channel bar, locked in place with a bolt at the end, and rotates down into the water. It just depends on your kayak, how to do creative.

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    If your shooting threw the hull I've seen some guys use a Styrofoam block with it cut out. To fit the transducer in place. Just do a Google search alot of good info out there from diy gurus.

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    Thanks for the valued info..

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    You've found the right place!!!

    Transducer - Back when I did through-hull fittings, I preferred the duct seal method. Instructions available online. Yakler's method is cool too. Chris Holmes also has an arm mount for his transducer. He built the whole shebang on a Pelican box that can be readily transferred from yak to yak.

    Fish bags - already answered pretty fully.
    My additions:
    * If you arrange things so that the fish bag stands up directly behind your seat, less sunshine will hit it and it will hold ice longer.
    * Don't treat zippers on Columbia bags roughly. No yanking.
    * Place fish in bags head first. Remove them head first. This decreases the chances of puncturing the bag or liner.
    * Columbia bag comes with a spare liner. Use one at a time. Drinks are kept between the liner and the bag. Fish are kept in the liner. Snacks are kept in the pocket.

    At FnT, if you want to "bring something to the table" and make new friends quickly, volunteer. I'm not telling you that just to get some work out of you, it really is a great way to get to know people. We'll post a list for volunteers about a month before the tourney.

    Again, WELCOME!!!
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    Thanks VP! Great info and better advice on volunteering.
    What you give in life is what you get back...



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