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    The bad news is, son turned 17 today. Good news is, took him to Borgne for his birthday.

    Best buds son, Brooks, waits there so we had the hookup! Got one of almost every appetizer and my favorite was the turkey necks, go figure. Salads were awesome! I had fried chicken, son had Drum, wife had hanger steak. We passed plates around and feasted. Everything was outstanding. Topped mine off with Abita Root beer float. Fabulous meal!

    If I could take something away, it would be the sheet metal fish sculptures that cover the walls. The sheepshead were super cool. It appeared the metal had been heated to give the striped appearance. There were also redfish, trout and flounder sculptures. Beautiful. Also some huge mural panels and oyster columns. If nothing else, it would be a good place for happy hour, just to look.

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    Nice! I love turkey necks. simmer in a little liquid crab boil for one hour, let cool and finish them on the pit with your favorite bbq sauce.

    I didn't know Nemo was a sheephead.

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    Nice report!
    Tee Chuck

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