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    Lake Verret

    I took a chance that 20% chance of thunderstorms meant 80% chance of no rain, and it paid off. Low to no wind and little sun.... and no rain. Bald eagles were out and to see one of these magnificent creatures fly right over your head at treetop level made the trip worthwhile by itself. i have never been that close to an eagle. Really impressive. The alligators were also out including one I see regularly that has a head the size of a hippo. I got within 50 feet of him in a stare down and I finally saw some of his tail. He would go 12 feet easy. Evidently, with the cost of alligator hides so low, no one is fishing these guys much anymore.

    Oh yeah and the cat fishing was really good. I ended up with 17 nice little channel cats while releasing a few that were larger than i like to keep. Went out early and got out by 11:30. Glad i decided to skip the coast today.

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    Nice report.

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    where did you launch at by chance?



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