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Thread: Best places to yak around Lafayette ?

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    Best places to yak around Lafayette ?

    I'm a noob at this so any advice would be great appreciated

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    Go try out Local lafayette kayake fishing club.

    Wanting to fish of just get on the water? Lake Martin is close but watch out for the gators.

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    If you're just looking to hit the water and paddle around Lake Martin is about 30 minutes from town and is an excellent scenic paddle.

    There aren't any "good" saltwater fishing spots close to Lafayette, closest would be out west and you'll have to travel 1.5 hours or so.

    Speaking of Lake Martin I put on a small CPR bass tournament on Lake Martin every other Wednesday. It's worth checking out, one of our last payouts was $225. Details are posted on the LKFC forum and Facebook page under the Clock Out Classic.
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    As Dieseldude said saltwater is an easy drive. In November Cyptrmort Point gets better. Check out LKFC forum. They have the Salty Boot and the Slamboree coming up soon. Both are in Leeville. Good luck and welcome. It doesn't hurt to belong to both clubs like many are doing



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