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Thread: Reel Recommedations

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    Reel Recommedations

    Yesterday my cheap Cabelas fly reel on my 9 wt gave it up. The drag is shot and now just free spools. I would love to put a Orvis Hydros on my Recon, but it's just not in my budget right now. So I'm looking for recommedations on a bit of a more affordable reel? I've seen the Behemoth and was wondering if that was a good option.
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    id see what comes out at icast. Maybe a new product or you see a price reduction in a current model.

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    VB, to extend on what PoppinCorks said. ICAST / IFTD is next week. At that time, all the new fly fishing products for 2017-2018 will be revealed and retail stores will start taking orders. What typically happens is that discontinued models go on sale just prior or just after IFTD. Since the vast majority of manufacturers price protect their products, about the only time you'll see product discounts is when they're being discontinued. So far I've seen a few Sage and Redington reels on sale, but that's about it. With so many new models that came out last year, I'm not expecting a big turnover in the reel market. And that translates to less bargain opportunities. But we'll see.

    The alternative is the direct market. Manufacturers like Allen, Taylor, Shadow, etc. sell direct and therefore have lower prices on quality reels. Sometimes they'll discount on top of that. Last year, I picked up a Trout model from Allen that normally sells for $159 for just $119. I've used it in saltwater a couple times and didn't affect it at all. But most of it's use is for largemouth and smallmouth bass. You can get on their mailing list and they'll notify you of sales.

    Another reel to consider is the 3-Tand. This is in the same price range as the Orvis Hydros (which is a quality reel for the money). So it might be a little high for your range. But I've seen some 3-Tands on sale recently. Can't remember where, but google it and see.

    Cabelas fly reels are a crap shoot. All depends on who makes them. I have their Hemingway trout reel from 22 years ago and it'll probably outlive me. It was made by STH, a legendary company out of Argentina that went under after Cortland bought them out. I had another Cabelas saltwater reel that was made by Ross and gave it to my son and it too is a gem. Then there's that POS reel called the RLS that I bought 3 years ago because it seemed like a steal for just $89 on sale. It was a steal alright - they stole my money! Four times I've had to sand down the drag and washers because they rusted up. At the Mission 6 tournament, I used it for the last time. A miracle it held up over two days. When I got back, I couldn't remove the spool from the housing even with a hammer!
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    What's your budget?

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    I have two Orvis Battenkills 1-3 wt and 4-6 wt reels.. great reels for about $100



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