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Thread: Weather Forecast for PP 2017

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    Weather Forecast for PP 2017

    Bring it on!!!!!!!!

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    It's gonna storm so bad.

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    Ooooh Nooooooo. You shouldn't have said the " W " word.
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    As we know it is ever changing but it is Paddle Palooza which means........
    Wunderground says 6% rain but 22% wind SE

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    Lest one think they will escape the winds by fishing somewhere to the north, the wind forecast for Galliano is about 20 mph at noon.

    Luckily(???) wind forecast are the least accurate part of a weatherman's "science." I don't usually pay much attention to wind forecasts until the night before I go fishing. Even then, they seem to regularly get it wrong.
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    Its Paddlepalooza. What did y'all expect?

    For those who said pushing it back to late April would escape the weather, let this be a lesson! Most of the big upper marsh trout will be gone, so if the winds do blow hard, it'll be a tough tourney.
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    Sounds pretty typical, then a big badass thunderstorm rolls in right before fishing time.
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