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Thread: First Fly Outfit

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    You can construct your own leaders if you want. Or you can get some tapered leaders locally from Orvis, Bass Pro, Cabelas. Then just get some tippet to match the small end of the taper to keep you from changing out leaders often. For the flies, I'll recommend Orvis again. Alex and some of the other guys there actually fish locally and know what works. I will gladly give you some flies that I have tied to get you started as well.
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    Personally I would stay away from cast reels. The machined reels are much smoother.

    If you ever come to PAC (Eddie's PAC Kayak Rentals) let me know. I will give you some flies and leaders and I will show you how to tie your own leaders. It is very easy and you can save a lot of money doing it yourself.

    In my experience you will never save any money tying your own flies, but you can get much better flies by doing it yourself. Most fly guys tie way more than they need and give away a lot of them. Once you start tying it is addictive. I love it. I have a lot of extra tools including vises. I could set you up with everything you need for really cheap and show you some easy patterns. You should try to make some of the FinAddicts Fly Club meetings in Houma. Fly clubs love getting new guys addicted...
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    As for starter reels, Cabela's RLS+ is a machined reel with a lifetime warranty that normally retails for approx. $130 but are on sale right now for $87.50. They are well made and have a very convenient quick change spool but they've stopped selling the spare spools. I just stopped in at the local store in Kalispell and they still had 2 spare spools under the counter in the size I needed - for $15 each. Sometimes you get lucky. Ebay is your friend here too. I've got 1 in each size with spare spools now. I'm just getting started fly fishing myself but other more experienced folk are impressed with the quality and agree that it is a good value. is the online store for a "brick & mortar" shop somewhere in New England. The online store has a section for both "clearance" items as well as gently used rods & reels. This is a good place to watch for deals on higher end brands - Sage, Scott, Hardy, etc.......
    Good luck with your shopping.
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    +1 on the RLS. I had the original RLS and it was a really great reel especially for the price.
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    That farmingtonriver site is dangerous. Some great deals there. The Reddington Behemoth is highly rated especially for the price. Congrats on the BVK for $180. You will like it.
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    Thanks a bunch! I usually go to PAC a few times a year, I'll definitely let you know next time I'm out that way!
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    I have several Allen alpha II a III and a kraken. They are all great reels for the price. I have the smaller Kraken on a 5 wt so I use the Alpha III exclusively for saltwater on my 8wt. It has held up fine over the years for reds and bonefish. I would splurge for the larger kraken though when I buy my next reel. Sign up for their email list and they will send you a coupon, also they usually sell old inventory colors this time of year for pretty good prices.

    For leaders, just use some 20 lb flouro if using an 8wt, no need to buy more expensive tapered leaders. You will be throwing big bugs in shallow water and the reds arent going to closely examine every small aspect of what they eat like a rainbow trout would. I just use about an 8 foot section of 20 lb berkley vanish and put a loop on one side to do the loop to loop connection to the fly line. I tie my fly directly to it and don't waste time with tippet either.

    Now if you ever go trout fishing in Colorado, my suggestions would be much different hah.
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    Thanks for the reply guys. All awesome information. I think I have everything ordered that I will use. Wound up getting the following: 8wt TFO BVK, Redington Behemoth, 8wt royal wulff saltwater Bermuda Triangle taper line. I really wanted an Allen Kraken reel, but that's just not in the budget for now, especially since in the back of my mind, I'm already thinking of getting a 4/5 weight for freshwater and fishing my dads pond.

    I also tied about 10 tapered leaders yesterday while watching the LSU baseball game. It was more an exercise of learning to tie a good blood knot than anything! I will also try the straight 20# test method as well. I figured redfish aren't specifically leader skittish, considering the things we throw at them with spinning reels, I just didn't know if it would affect the cast without a taper.
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    The taper helps to turn over a weighted fly
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    I really need to get me a fly setup as well, I have been talking about it and shopping for a year now. The film tour at Orvis has really given me the bug now.



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