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Thread: Kayak Roof Rack Build Thread...

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    Update Sorta: Like practically all projects I take on my attention span dwindles and things get pushed to the side as other things get in the way but this one is back on the table. I cut off the two plates I had welded on the rear that were for the originally boat rollers I had put but since they wouldn't work there's no use for those plates.

    I wanted to use it a time or two before I finalized things so I'll partly blame that on the lack of productivity but using it to transport a kayak brought about a couple things that needed addressing.

    The saddles on the front made loading/position adjustment a bit tough. Once the front of the boat sat in it it wouldn't want to move much, so the rear of the kayak wanted to stick out too far. I've ditched the front saddles and replaced them with another set of Hully Rollers(thanks to Pack and Paddle's garage sale).

    When hauling one kayak a strap from the passenger side to the driver side sort of put a sideways tension that wanted the kayak to move a bit instead of sitting in place. I had to put more tension on the strap than I was comfortable with. So I bought some round stock, bent up these little loops and they will be welded in the center of the cross bar as a place to hook a strap in.

    Someone walked on my tig head and cracked the insulator, this was discovered when I went to weld these into place and got quite the shock. Replacement parts are ordered to get that fixed.

    Once those are welded in place I'm drilling the holes to route the light wiring inside the tubing and it'll be taken to be powdercoated.
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    I got impatient waiting for the insulator handle to come in so I wrapped it up in electric tape and welded on the strap looks. The rack is now at the powdercoat shop.

    While that's gone I built a wooden rack on wheels to put the shell on the make moving it easier.

    Also permanently mounted the battery tray and switch panel in place.

    I finally feel like I'm in the home stretch. Once the rack is back from powdercoating all that's left is to mount it and run all the wiring and that should be pretty much it.
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    Since Photobucket decided to drop their 3rd party hosting it looks like I'll have to go back and rehost most of these images....or you just use your imagination. Either way.

    Anway......IT'S FINISHED. Well mostly anyway, minus a couple buttoning ups, and rewrapping the forward rod rack, it's done. I also have a couple 12v fans that will go in it.

    Doing away with the front saddles and replacing them with rollers worked great, both my Slayer 14.5 and Cuda 14 fit perfectly side by side.

    Moved on to the interior, built a battery tray and switch panel, installed a cargo net for keeping things out the way, and a fire extinguisher because I'm accident prone. The switch panel has a main power switch, a dual USB port for phone chargers, a 12v socket, and 4 switches, one for interior lighting, one for left side outside lighting, one for right side outside lighting, and one for a bluetooth stereo....because why not. The battery is maintained by the solar battery tender on the top.

    As I believe I've mentioned earlier in this thread, I've slept in this thing before but with just a small pad and sleeping bag and it wasn't very comfortable. I figured since I don't have much $$ into the whole setup I'd spring for one of those truck bed air mattresses, don't even try to act like you're not jealous.

    Total I have roughly $400 into the entire build and am looking forward to using it. I'll be using it this weekend to transport my kayak but the first camping trip will be next month in Colorado. We'll see how this all goes.
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    That's a yak hauling machine right there!

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    I'm mostly excited about not having a ton of gear in my truck, or listening to rods on my front seat rattling while going down the road. I'm putting the Cuda up there for the weekend and all my gear in the back. It'll be nice to have seat space available.
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