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  1. don't you use a grounding rod for your stake out pole? would you mind send me a pic of that? I'm making one out of solid PVC and would like to add a metal tip of some kind but I dont' have a way to make it into a point. I thought a grounding rod might work but I can't seem to find a good picture of one. Thanks.
  2. Quas, would you ask the board if they would consider adding a "general" category back to the public section? Some threads need to be public but don't fit in the other categories. For instance, I just asked a question about a marina's live bait situation. Well, that should be in the public section but doesn't fit in any of the specific categories but is still fishing related so shouldn't go in "off topic". Just a suggestion, thanks.
  3. hey Quas, where in the store were those cameras? My brother is there now and can't find them. Were there many left you you bought yours this afternoon?
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