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  1. Venice and Empire Launches

    Have not fished these areas. Where is a good place to launch? Is it wind protected? Not to comfortable in open water.
  2. NIB gold Orvis Hydros IV large arbor

    Quote Originally Posted by Marc View Post
    Bought it a couple months ago as a back up/buddy reel but it's just been sitting on my desk ever since. It's never been out of the box. Paid $290+tax

    There is a sale going on for these things for $230 so if you want to save a couple extra dollars you can have this one for $200. I'm in Mid City Baton Rouge and my office is on Sherwood.

    I'll entertain trades. I could use a new pair of waders but cash is king.

    Here is a link to the reel
  3. First post and a hello!

    Quote Originally Posted by biggazoo View Post
    every day is Friday always looking for members to fish with live in Covington like to fish shell beach r hopedale let me know a couple of days before you want to go.
  4. cabelas guide gear wind stopper jacket

    Quote Originally Posted by hookn1 View Post
    If ur looking for an awesome fishing is my personal review on the wind stopper...being we r supposed to be getting snow I thought it may be fitting for the weather ..
    Casey, question:
    Looked at Cabela's web site and looked at reviews.
    All were 5 star except one.
    Cons: Mentioned the sleeve snag
    Warm when dry
    runs slightly small
    long time to ...
  5. Seabrook 6/3

    Quote Originally Posted by Kayak_jocky View Post
    I fished seabrook Sunday evening and Monday morning...I usually avoid this spot due to the current but with the small tides it was fine. Sunday pm had a falling tide and the fishing was very slow. A few croaker and that was all.

    Monday morning I waited for seabrook marina to open at 7 so I could get live shrimp. Once on the water 15 min later I didn't feel too guilty for sleeping in. The incoming tide was a little better but still not many trout. I pulled in 7 stingrays, 4 11.5"
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