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01-16-2012, 11:49 AM

The Coosa, in my opinion, comes pretty well rigged as it is. All I needed to start fishing was my rods. The under seat tackle box storage eliminates the need for a milk crate and the rod stagers and built in rod holders come as standard features. The kayak originally came with two seating options, one standard seat and one Elite seat that gave you the possibility for the High/Low seating. From what I understand now the 2012 models all come with the Elite seat. With that being said the Elite seat is the way to go and in the high position is the place to keep it. It is more like sitting in a lawn chair rather than sitting in a kayak. It has a wide seat, a high back and since you are elevated your knees are slightly bent in a more natural position so standing up and sitting down is much easier than on a traditional style kayak. Overall the Coosa is a great shallow water and calm conditions yak. Since it is short and wide it is a perfect platform for standing and sight casting at reds in the marsh. As well it is quite well suited for maneuvering on the river or in small ponds. It may not be the best yak for you if you want to go out on windy days or if you plan to cover a lot of water to get to that special fishing hole.

With all that being said I was quite happy with my Coosa the day I got it and took it fishing a few times before I decided on some rigging features so there were a couple things that I wanted to do to tweak it up just a bit more.

Anchor Trolley
The first thing I did was installed a Hobie brand anchor trolley for my stake out pole and also the retractable dog leash for my rear/stern anchor. I found a cheap knock off of the one Drew Gregory suggested that fits nicely into the side handle of the yak. I also did a custom job with the anchor trolley locking button. Instead of drilling another hole in the yak I decided to use a pre existing hole. I got a longer SS bolt and attached the button to one of the bolts that hold the handle in place.


Forward Facing Rod Holder
I wanted a forward facing rod holder. The Coosa comes equipped with rod stagers in the front that are intended to hold your rods when you set them down but they aren't exactly the safest when you have a lure in the water and want to set the rod down to do something else. The design of the Coosa was intended to fit Ram Talon adapters but they are a bit expensive for me so I decided to go with the Scotty rod holder and a low profile mount instead of the huge mount that comes with it. The end result, I think, is quite acceptable and when I don't want the holder in place I can just plug up the hole with the provided cap and it is barely there.


Rear Facing Rod Holders
I just received two more Scotty Flush Mounts and a Cabela's Quick Draw rod holder that I have mounted to the rear of my kayak for better positioning of rear facing rods. As well I wanted a post mount to hold other things such as my 360 light and HD action cam. Here are the pics.


Fisher Cutbait
01-24-2012, 01:52 PM
Are your albums set to private? When I clicked on all 3 links I just got the photobucket home page.

01-24-2012, 02:52 PM
Hmm, that is odd. They weren't set to private before but I'll fix them. Thanks for letting me know.

I think maybe the forum did something to the links when it makes some automatic editing for the URL holder. I just re-copied and pasted the links and they are working fine now. If you click the top link it takes you to the photobucket homepage and the bottom link takes you to the actual photo album. Who knows... meh....