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www.kayakbassfishing.com is hosting a saltwater challenge series. There are 5 events throughout the year. Here are the prizes for the first event and the angler or the year/
For the HOW-cutta Freeze Spots Challenge:

1st Place = G Loomis Rod of your choice (up to $350 value)

2nd Place = GoProŽ HD Hero Naked

For Saltwater Challenge Series Angler of the Year:

1st Place =Wilderness Systems Kayak

2nd Place = G Loomis Rod of your choice (up to $350 value)

3rd Place = GoProŽ HD Hero Naked

Keep in mind, this is not a final list. As participation increases so can the Prize list so spread the word, and good luck to every one!! The first event is going on now. It's called freeze spot challenge. The freeze spot challenge is your two biggest trout from jan 1st. to feb. 28. As of now there are 32 people in the first challenge. After 40 entries the first place winner will receive a kayak for the first event. If you need more information go to www.kayakbassfishing.com. You will need to register and log in. Most of the forum is blocked unless you log in. Then after that you can just go to the saltwater board and find all the information.

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Chad Hoover who runs it is a cool guy. Him and I have talked before and he sets up some darn good tourneys.

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Someone needs to post that pic of Gnatless and his MC4 stringer on the KBA forum. That would give all those yankee's something to think about while they stare at the ice.

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I checked out the web site linked in your post Coomz. Unless I missed it I didn't see where the tournament's would be held. Is this an online tourney like kayakwars.com?

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Yeah it's a online catch and photograph. They use a token for the event. When you go to the forum most of the subject will be blocked out to visitor. You will have to register for the forum to unlock the thread. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask them.

01-22-2011, 05:03 PM
Rock on. Thanks Coomz. Just got registered up and checking around the site.

03-03-2011, 06:20 AM
The Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Saltwater Challenge Series officially started on the first of March. The Freeze Spot Challenge (two specks) ended the last of February. The unofficial results have FLJerryP13 (Jerry B) in first with 52.75 points. Jerry is a team mate on Sea Hunt in Kayak Wars.

The start of the KBF salt water series has had some hiccups. The March KBF Salt Water Challenge advertised as an inshore slam is shown on the KBF website as a Red and Speck tourney. They are working on programming problems in order to add the third species (flounder) to make it an inshore slam. There was also some confusion as to whether the Freeze Spot Challenge would go toward point in the KBF Saltwater Angler of the Year. It will NOT count toward the KBF Saltwater AOY points. Sorrry Jerry, but you did win a kayak.

The KBF Saltwater challenges are scheduled to run each month from March through July or 5 months. You can purchase one of the monthly challenges for $30 by going to the KBF Store and then KBF Challenge Passes. There are a good number of choices including fresh water challenges so be careful to purchase the saltwater challenge for the month that you want. You can also buy a Saltwater Pass for $100 that gets you into all 5 of the monthly saltwater challenges. Another option is to purchase the KBF BassPass for $175 that gets you into all salt and freshwater challenges for the year. A little pricy but the best deal if you want to fish salt and fresh.

Some new to the KBF website will say that it is hard to find your way around. I thought the same at first but now like the set up. It has a very active forum. If you need assistance, PM me and I'll do by bets to guide you through it!

The KBF Salt Water Challenge Series has experienced some growing pains but the potential for great competitions and nice prizes is there. The KBF organizers have promised to iron out the problems as soon as possible!

The KBF fresh water challenge series is huge! The potential for the KBF salt water series to be big is there too. The KBF Saltwater AOY first prize starts off at $5,000 if enough participants sign up.


03-03-2011, 08:50 AM
Thanks doc. It's still early guys. There will be lots of other prizes for each challenge besides the $5,000 AOTY prize. A lot of us are already taking pictures of our catches for Kayakwars. You might as well double dip and enter the same fish for both.

03-16-2011, 08:17 PM
It's over halfway through this month's challenge for the kayakbassfishing.com saltwater series. There's still time to win the march spring slam challenge. It seems like those guys are having a hard time catching flounders. The only flounders entered so far are from my friend Ngoc and I. Catching a flounder might be the ticket to win a great prize. There is no size limit. The only limit is the length of your measuring device. Check out the standings and the prizes here: http://challengeseries.kayakbassfishing.com/saltchallengeseries/default.aspx?sessionid=45791

Next month's challenge is called the Duo Dots challenge. The challenge consists of catching two reds with a max of 32 inches. All fish over 32 inches will be scored as a 32 inch red. Tie breaker will be time the fish was entered.