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09-25-2010, 08:24 AM
Louisiana is having National Hunting and Fishing Day on that date as well. The Baton Rouge Area Event will be at LDWF's Waddell Facility. We probably, as a club, ought to see about exhibiting next year. My son and I will be in the Red Stick Fly Fishers booth. He'll be tying flies....... I'll be running my mouth - most likely. Expecting 2000 people if like years past.

From the La Fly Fish Website:

The 26th annual Louisiana's National Hunting and Fishing Day, presented by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, will be held Saturday, September 25, 2010, at four venues across the state.
Baton Rouge - Waddill Outdoor Education Center, 4142 Flannery Road. Activities are scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and include: archery, canoeing, duck and goose calling, fishing, and sports shooting. Demonstrations will be presented on bowhunting, falconry and more. Also fly casting and fly tying demos presented by Red Stick Fly Fishers. Exhibits will be staffed by members of the Amite River Traditional Archery Club, Ducks Unlimited, Operation Game Thief, the National Wild Turkey Federation, the Quality Deer Management Association and many more. Free food and soft drinks will be available. For more information, call 225-765-2925.

Woodworth - Woodworth Education Center, 661 Robinson Road, 9:00am to 2:00pm. Activities include: a Civil War re-enactment, Falconry demonstrations, Alligator skinning and drawing for the meat., SWAT Team Demonstration, Cannon net demonstrations, target shooting with shotguns, .22 rifles, Muzzeloaders, air rifles, as well as Archery target shooting, a live snake display, Tee-Pee and Indian Dancing, flint knapping, free photos taken on the Air Boat, rock wall climbing, retriever dog demos, hay rides, free food and drinks — and door prizes.

Also, a morning session with children’s fishing activities is scheduled from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. at Beechwood Fish Hatchery, 41 Fowler Road, Forest Hill. Participants should bring their own bait and fishing gear. Ages 15 and under can fish for bream, bass and catfish. For more information, call 318-484-2276 or email Mark Roy.

Minden - Bodcau Wildlife Management Area (WMA) off Bodcau Dam Road in Bossier Parish north of Shreveport. Activities are scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will include: Archery range instruction, skeet shooting, a casting tournament, mountain bike trail rides, craft displays and information tables staffed by Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, Bayou State Bowhunters, US Army Corps of Engineers and more. Also fly casting and fly tying demos presented by North Louisiana Fly Fishers. Free food, drinks and door prizes. For more information, call 318-371-5210 or email Todd Buffington.

Monroe - Free admission. Activities include bait casting, BB gun, archery, fishing, and shotgun.
Contest prizes for youngsters will be awarded to winners of bait casting, BB gun, archery, and duck calling. Exhibitors include U.S. Fish and Wildlife, La. Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries, Dept of Natural Resources, LifeShare Blood Center, Twin City Longbeards, Ouachita Parish Sheriffs Office (DARE), Conwood Company, La National Guard, Hamby’s Collar Shop, American Veterans & Family Support, LA Alligator Hunter & Trappers Association, Knives by Stein Baughman, Duck Commander and many more. Special thanks is extended to CenturyLink, KNOE and Armstrong’s Cricket and Tackle Company of West Monroe for their continuous support in making the National Hunting and Fishing Day event a success in Monroe. For more information, contact Bill Breed at 318-343-1241 or Dana Norsworthy at 318-345-3912 or email Bill Breed

Just decided to get on here and see if anyone else is going today... I'm gonna be there with my crew in the next hour or so

09-25-2010, 08:31 AM
I am fixing to leave the house and I am sure dad is already on the way since I can't get in touch with him at the house

09-25-2010, 10:40 AM
All of my kids are too old but in a couple of more years it'll be about right for my GrandRugRats. Kinda glad I'm not working it since "working it" for us means directing traffic for an hour at a time every other hour. Yuk!!!

Anyone interested in learning the basics of fly fishing should attend. RSFF does a great job.

I'd be happy to participate in a kayak fishing presentation next year if it's not a work day for me.

09-25-2010, 04:54 PM
Well..... If you didn't come...... you missed great event. I, honestly, think it would be to the club's advantage..... to have a booth there next year. It's free except any giveaways that you might have.

09-25-2010, 04:58 PM
It was a great day there. I got pictures of my nephews shooting guns and got to out shoot my brother at skeet. Add that to the list of things that I do better than him.:yes:

Valvguy, I saw you and was planning on speaking then I got side tracked with the hand made canoes. Amazing things.

09-25-2010, 05:13 PM
I missed those. That's one of the disadvantages of "manning" a both. You miss so much. What I didn't miss...... was the venison-boston butt meatballs. Very good.

09-26-2010, 10:29 AM
Those meatballs were good. We ended up getting there kinda late (I think 11 ish). Went straight to the back to try the food, then started working our way back to the front. Started out with the crossbows, but boys couldn't shoot them. Made it to the station where they were shooting 22lr and both my boys got to shoot. That was fun for them. I think Santa is gonna be bringing a Cricket rifle this year. Then made it to the Air rifle station. Both boys were able to hit targets. Louis (7) by himself, and William (4) with some help. Then to the skeet range. Grown-ups had to have a little fun. This was my first time shooting skeet. I've definitely got to get a skeet gun and work on my skillz (or lack of). Then we went to the archery range for the boys to give it a go. By then it was time to head out since we were heading to my wife's family reunion up around the Pride area.
I'll definitely be going again. My boys had a blast and got some really good instruction from the Lipsey's guys at the .22lr station. If we do arrange for a club booth there next year, I'd definitely be game for manning the booth for a couple hours.

09-26-2010, 04:22 PM
Here are a few pictures from Saturday.

These are some of the fish that were on display. Everyone should know the first two. A bull shark and a sting ray. The second one is a Paku. Closely related to the Piranha. This one was an aquarium fish released into a pond. The last one is the aquarium with several different species of saltwater fish.

09-26-2010, 04:28 PM
Here are some of the hand made canoes.

The dugout in the first picture belongs to John Folse and the other two were just awesome to look at.

The bird is a female Red tail Hawk that was a rescued bird and is now being used for Falconry.

09-26-2010, 04:32 PM
The first one is yak-a-holic shooting a crossbow
2 and 3 are my nephews shooting the Cricket .22
4 and 5 are the same boys shooting the air rifles.

What a great day. All the boys enjoyed the shooting more than anything there.