View Full Version : Dixie Kayaks Post Hurricane Alex sale

07-06-2010, 08:08 PM
Hey guys...we got a new shipment in after it was delayed by Hurricane Alex.

Mini X rec model (two flushmounts and a center hatch) plus a seat and paddle for $599.

Stone X Factor FnD plus seat and paddle for $999

Stone Extreme FnD plus seat and paddle for $1099

Red Stealth 14...if you haven't seen one of these, they're pretty cool. The live bait well in the middle works like a charm (yes, big specks love live croakers), and the new hatches on the side are very strong, and make standing up VERY easy. $1299, and you guessed it, it comes with a free seat and paddle.

I know I'm a long freaking way from you guys, but I'm pretty sure I could arrange delivery with Surfmonkey or we could coordinate multiple purchases and I'd run them over, go fish and then come back to Texas...OR...come stay with Kim and I and we'll go fish south Texas.

I've also got rudder kits, Surf to Summit Seats, Bending Branches paddles, etc.

You can give us a call at either (985) 789-8345 or (361) 446-3635 or email at dixiekayaks@hotmail.com

Bighead aka Dixie Kayaks