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06-24-2010, 06:40 PM
I drove over to the St. James Boat Club to take a look since no one had called me back after leaving two messages. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. They have a nice pavilion on the water with water and electricity and a good number of picnic tables all covered with plenty of trash cans right there as well. Right next to the pavilion is a pretty good size playground for the kids and then on the water are several docks with seating out over the water. There are bathrooms close in the rental hall and some kind of animals in cages for viewing as well in the rear of property.

There was some people setting up for an event inside so I went in and asked if I could get some info and a lady gave me a name and cell number of the rental guy. I called him and left message and he called me back later this afternoon with info. The rental is $75 for the day and he will collect the money that morning and unlock the electric box for us. The date of July 31st is available as of now. There is plenty of parking and two boat launches (one right by the pavilion) if anyone wanted to float the yak or bring party boat for rides.

The boat club is exactly 5 miles past the Hwy 61 / I10 intersection. I was thinking where ever we do this of making sure the kids could enjoy this event .... sort of a BCKFC Family Fun Day and make this an annual event. We could have a kids fishing contest and maybe rent a spacewalk for them to enjoy as well if we had a good number of kids coming. Thoughts????

The Menu... I was thinking we could try to keep it simple without having to bring a bunch of cookers and stuff. These items could be cooked in advance and just brought to the event.

Pork Loin
Sausage Links
BBQ Beans
Potato Salad
Green Salad
Sheet Cake
Soft Drinks

Might could bring one pit just to warm things up and cook sausage. The club would also provide paper plates, eating utensils, napkins and seasonings.

The club would provide / pay for everything. Maybe get a few cooks to do the brisket, pork loin beforehand and just bring and slice.

Let me know your thoughts on this location or not so if it is a yes, then I will go ahead and pull the trigger on the reservation.

I took some pics so you could kind of get an idea of what it looked like....I will have to donwload those off my iphone in the another post as I did not have my camera with me.

06-24-2010, 07:30 PM
A few pics I took this afternoon for you to review and think about...:shocked: